David Emery

Fine Furniture from this eminent Australian Designer/Maker
Entry Foyer Art Space

6 June – 12 July, 2009

David Emery's professional interest is in making furniture of a clean uncluttered nature, with an emphasis on balance and proportion. His skills are mainly in the use of timber, with an emphasis on veneering as this allows greater flexibility in design avoiding the limitations of solid timber construction. All veneers are pressed in his own workshop, after components have been cut to size and had timber lippings applied to their edges.

He believes his veneering process gives a better edge detail than can be achieved using pre-veneered board and gives greater versatility in the ways the veneer can be applied within the project. He uses materials such as glass, metals and stone in his work and is especially interested in working with architects and designers, especially when he is able to become involved in the design process. Many of his works over the years have evolved into his "Studio Collection" which are now being made as small production runs.

Thursday 16 April 2009