Abstract - Ian Factor

The ABSTRACT Exhibition is an innovative gallery installation featuring inspired contemporary timber furniture, designed and made by Ian Factor. Motivated by the new consciousness in furniture design, ABSTRACT examines the fusion between furniture functionality and abstract, sculptural forms. Be inspired by an installation where beautiful design meets craftsmanship, innovation meets simplicity, uniqueness meets function, and originality meets elegance.

Ian Factor started his creative career in architecture. A deep passion for design and furniture saw Ian graduate from the prestigious Sturt School for Wood in Mittagong and the creation and subsequent growth of Factor Design. Now a thriving operation, clients choose Factor for his high quality, creative and personalised, hand-crafted furniture. Ian's designs feature an extensive range of beautiful timber pieces floating drawers, various tables, modular cabinets and stacking drawers.

A passion for sustainability means the range is primarily made from certified sustainable timber sources. And Ian creates further interest and contrast by using a divergent mix of materials including laminex, tiles, aluminium and stainless steel. Ian offers a range of existing designs as well as a fully customised service, where pieces are made-to-order. If you would like to discuss a piece to suit your specific requirements or to find out more about the existing range please enquire with one of our Customer Service Representatives at the Gallery front counter, or you can meet Ian this coming Sunday 22nd August in the Gallery between 11am and 3pm.

Wednesday 18 August 2010