What people say

There has been a comments book at the front counter of the Gallery since the Gallery opened in 1983. Visitors from all over the world have jotted down their impressions, thoughts and comments, sometimes legible and somtimes not, and not always in English in our comments book. These comments fill numerous volumes and it seems a shame to keep them all to ourselves. 

Below are just a few of the comments from the last month.

"An unexpected oasis in the desert"
David, Deneliquin

 "Magnificent epicentre for the whole community"
Elektra, Sydney

"Delightfully nostalgic"
Marie, Brisbane

 "Always a treat to visit"
Kim & Lisa, Broulee

"Overwhelmed by the stunning gallery"
Lila, Poland

"I came, I saw, I was Impressed"
Lila, Perth

"Creative. Beautiful. Different. Love it."
Helen, Perth

"The best wood work Gallery we have ever seen"
Paul & Lori, WA

Customers also email us their experiences, thoughts and thanks to the gallery. Some recent examples include. 

"Great customer service makes up for everything."
Mike, Brisbane – After a mixup regarding shipping addresses we made sure his gift arrived on time regardless.

"Thank you for such individual attention - you don't often get that level of care with online shopping!"
Kim, Sydney


Thursday 06 September 2012