Table with Boots

If tables have legs, then why not complete them with boots? The “Table with Boots” Wall Table by Gallery Artistic Director David Mac Laren provides a welcome break from the austerity of contemporary design with a sense of true whimsy and play.

The Table with Boots was a client request. She was an avid collector of shoes (and handbags) and had seen my table with stiletto shoes two years previously, and “it played on my mind.”, she said.

This table was to have boots (she preferred boots) and was to house the amplifier for the home screen. We met at the Wood Works Café where we discussed various options I had sketched.

From the choice the client decided on I made two tables, one with a veneer top and one with solid timber.  

If I were to make this table again I would prefer to make the legs slightly slimmer, especially at the top. And I would make it so that all the parts of the legs would screw together so that the table could be disassembled and flat packed.

David Mac Laren, Artistic Director Bungendore Wood Works Gallery

Photography: Rob Little

Sunday 24 August 2014