Signatures Exhibition Opening

Senior Curator, Decorative Arts and Design, National Gallery of Australia, Robert Bell officially opened the Gallery's Signatures 25th Year Exhibition at a special function on Saturday 20th September. (see Current Exhibition for details of participants and works in the exhibition).

Robert Bell opening the Signatures exhibition in the Octagon ArtSpace. Left to right Robert Bell, David Mac Laren, Stan d'Argeavel, Phil and Jo Telford, Frank and Joan Wiesner.

Maker John Comacchio tries out Robert Howards Rocking chair at the Signatures opening. Left to right Robert Wilson (editor Capital Magazine), Robert Howard, John Comacchio and partner Melissa.

The Gallery's Penny Ford chats to Phil and Jo Telford at the Signatures opening.

The Gallery staff were honoured by Artistic Director and Owner of Bungendore Wood Works Gallery, David Mac Laren at the after-opening dinner held in Café WoodWorks. Left to right Lesley James, Sharon Rasker, Penny Ford, Amanda Shelley, Stan d'Argeavel, David Mac Laren, Jody Barnett, Tamara Marjason, Stephanie Parker, Vanessa Welham, Joanne Herzel, Judith Clarke. Robert Bell in foreground




Thursday 25 September 2008