Pru Ingham "Chair + Stool"

The image of Pru Ingham seated in her chair appears in “Remembering the Present – A Braidwood Portrait” printed in 2000, by Terry Milligan, a one-time resident of Mongarlow.

‘The Chair + Stool 1998’ appears now in the entrance windows of the Bungendore Wood Works Gallery. Made for an Exhibition called “Conviviality”, Materials include Structurally integrated glass, jasper, suede, and a hardwood timber called wenge from the Cameroun in West Africa – used there for flooring in traditional houses. (The Chair + Stool 1998 is not for sale.)

“All my work is influenced by George Ingham, my teacher and my love.”

Pru, I believe, was the first to teach an evening course for women in woodworking, in the 1980’s with the encouragement of George Ingham, head of the Canberra School of Art Wood Workshop.

David Mac Laren Artistic Director, Bungendore Wood Works Gallery

Wednesday 18 November 2015