Proud ACT Tourism Award Winners

It was our intention to celebrate our thirty years, and to have a party, so why not enter a submission to the ACT Tourism Awards.

We were very pleased with our submission, feeling it told our story well, and that it was a good story to tell. So our thanks to Tilly Higenbotham and Sharon Rasker for organising the facts and figures that formed so much of the submission and to Stan dArgeavel for much of the writing and Phil MacLaren for graphics and layout. Take a moment and read through the submission, it can be downloaded here.

We were very pleased to receive the Visitor Experience Award along with Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and Four Winds Vineyard. We are in good company and this award is much appreciated because it is based on actual ratings from visitors who rate their experience and was sponsored by ACT Tourism.

The category for our submission was Specialised Tourism Services. It was a tough category and we congratulate Canberra Airport as the winner,and the Canberra Centre for its Commendation. We fully expect Canberra Airport will win their category at the National Tourism Awards in Adelaide in April. And good luck to all the Canberra Centenary winners, it should be a very successful campaign at the Nationals.

By the way, we had a really good party. It was a great night, and ACT Tourism put on a great show at the Canberra Theatre Centre, dining on stage and the Academy Awards-style evening made it all very memorable.

David Mac Laren, Artistic Director Bungendore Wood Works Gallery

Monday 22 December 2014