Prime Minister visits the Gallery

Sat 22/05/2010

It was around 11:30am on a chilly Saturday morning when one of the gallery’s Customer Service representatives thought she saw a very familiar face perusing the items in the gallery. About ten minutes later the lady returned with an even more familiar face, one that we see on the news daily. Mrs and Mr Kevin Rudd entered the gallery, with a multitude of onlookers in tow. They stayed for 20 minutes and Prime Minister Rudd bought a range of business card boxes and a beautifully polished yin-yang candle holder.

Another staff member informed the Café Wood Works staff that the Prime Minister was visiting. Something went wrong in the communication lines, as one of the waitresses thought that John Howard was here!

After he left, things quietened down and we had a very funny chat with a customer who bought a flip top box that Mr Rudd had only moments ago touched. This was to be a present for his secretary, and he promised not to touch it where the PM had caressed the timber.

Friday 18 June 2010