New Artist / Exhibiting Kit

Bungendore Wood Works is a privately owned and operated commercial gallery.

We are always on the lookout for new and interesting work, particularly, but not exclusively, in the wood medium and are happy to consider approaches by visual artists/makers who feel their work would be commercially viable for both the Gallery and the artist/maker, and work that is of an expected standard suitable for display in the Gallery. The Gallery represents and displays the work of over 200 makers and artists from around Australia, and to a limited degree from overseas.

If you wish to contact the Gallery about supplying your work, or with exhibition proposals, we have an information kit outlining how to approach the Gallery, and other relevant information for intending contributors to the Gallery's wide range of wood products and fine arts.

Initial contact can be by written letter, phone or email, for an information kit to be mailed to you, or one can be collected from the Gallery in person. Artists and makers should follow the guidelines available in the kit if wishing to proceed with approaching the Gallery with their relevant information. The basic kit (essentially this information) can also be downloaded by clicking on the document attached to the foot of this page.

The Gallery is open every day except Christmas day from 9am to 5pm.Please notethat it is not acceptable to simply arrive at the Gallery with work and expect a staff member to be available to view it. The relevant staff members are not always available, particularly over the weekend (traditionally the Gallery’s busiest trading times) and it is highly recommended that the guidelines as mentioned and outlined below and above be followed in making any approach to the Gallery.

Our Selection Process

When an approach or proposal is received as outlined in the information kit, it will be considered by the artistic director, exhibition coordinator and key staff, within a reasonable amount of time, as to the suitability of the work and its commercial viability for the Gallery. Often this is done at a meeting together with other submissions by intending artists.

Due to the number of approaches, the range of quality, styles of work and the availability of staff, all proposals to the Gallery by artists/makers must be first made in writing by mail or email.

Proposals should include:

  • Full contact details including postal address, email address and telephone numbers.
  • CV and Biographical Details.
  • Your ABN Number, or other legal status as an artist.
  • if you are registered for GST or not.
  • Information on prior and current commercial success.
  • Details of other galleries etc. both in and out of the Canberra region where your work has been or is currently being exhibited or displayed for sale.
  • A small number of digital images of the work suggested, and/or prior work including materials, medium, dimensions. For work to be accepted into the gallery on the floor as general stock, or as an exhibition piece we require studio images with a “clean” background so that we can use the images on our website and promotional materials. Images provided should be high resolution e.g A4 sized at 300dpi or greater then 2000 x 2000 pixels.
  • An idea of the average or specific selling price/s of your current and past work. The Gallery has its retail commission rate and is also obliged to include GST as part of the retail price.
  • Details of any websites that we can refer to for examples of your work.

Should an artist/maker’s work be deemed suitable, a Gallery representative will contact the artist/maker to make arrangements for supply. Initially this would be a small number of pieces (usually 3 or 4) for display in the Gallery over a trial period to gauge public interest and sales potential.

At the end of this period the work will be re-assessed in terms of interest and/or sales and may be retained, exchanged for other works or returned to the artist/maker. For artist/makers considering making an approach for an exhibition of a large body of work, this trial period is a good way of gauging public interest in the artist/maker’s work before committing to the expense and time required to stage a full exhibition. The Gallery usually plans its exhibitions in the Octagon ArtSpace on the first floor up to two years in advance.

Any proposals from artist/makers not considered suitable for the Gallery will be returned within a reasonable period of time, or may be kept in the Gallery’s files for possible future reference with the artist/makers permission.

Full contact details are available in the Contact section on this site