Great quote from Alan Behm’s political memoir “No Minister” (Alan is a good friend to the Gallery who has a number of pieces collected over the years)

“My colleague Jim Cummane, with whom I co-authored an academic study into what ministers expected of policy services, is wont to say that the greatest comparative advantage in the world of business is meaning. A business that understands exactly what its value proposition is, what it does and what the client wants, and can determine quality standards in terms of their relevance (rather than absolutes) will prosper.

The same is largely true in the world of politics: if actions have meaning, if the electorate can see at least the sense if not the benefits of the government’s proposals, and if the political delivery of sound policy is measured, and calibrated to the complexity of the policy, then the policy is properly significant. The chief of staff must constantly search for he nexus between meaning and significance.” 

(Page 206 "No Minister" by Alan Behm)

Tuesday 07 July 2015