Let us take a moment to remember the fallen

For over a decade two distinctive sculptures carved with chainsaws by Remo Vallance have stood on the Gallery lawn. 

Sadly, one has fallen. 

Hopefully, after a visit to the workshop, it will shortly return.

Remo Vallance approached the Gallery in 1995 a year after the new building opened. He was a student in the Sculpture Department at the ANU School of Art back then, and he had been making chainsaw sculptures for various people in O'Connor. We secured Council planning approval. Remo sourced the logs and the Gallery arranged to put them in the ground.  He spent about two to three weeks chainsawing on a ladder, taking time out to consider the shaping as he went along. 

Remo’s “go getting” attitude was impressive and strangely the Gallery has never been approached on a similar mission since. The totems have been a signifier for the Gallery cafe street scape on the busy Kings Highway with 2 to 3 million vehicle traffic every year.

Friday 17 October 2014