Kunos Natural Oil

Here at the Gallery we use Kunos Natural Oil Sealer No. 244 with Svalos Thinner No. 222 as the finish on nearly all of the Gallery’s in house product. Kunos oil is made from natural safe ingredients that do not pose any danger to personal health or the environment and is suitable for treating timber food preparation utensils such as bench tops, salad bowls etc. Kunos is a waterproof product to allow for washing of utensils. We use the same finish on furniture, sculptures and other items found in the Gallery that are made of wood.

Read more about Kunos Natural Oil Sealer No. 244 and Svalos Thinner No. 222 on the suppliers website.

Individual makers may use other finishes such as two-pack lacquers etc. and you will find some of those are listed here where applicable.

The gallery has a continuous supply of the pre-prepared oil in small jars for sale.

Instructions for Use of Kunos oil

Kunos Natural Oil Sealer No. 244 waterproof coating for furniture and floors made from natural safe ingredients that pose no danger to your health. Suitable for treating timber food preparation utensils such as bench tops, salad bowls etc.

Wood Services Preparation

The wood must be dry, solid, absorbent, clean, free of resin and dust, and finely sanded (floors with 150-grain sandpaper, furniture with 240 grain sandpaper). For large-pored woods such as oak, ash, chestnut, elm, mahogany, or teak, brush out pore grooves carefully. A test coat is recommended on woods containing tannic acid or dyes. Glue and other adhesives must be absolutely dry.


Depending on the requirements and absorbency of the surface, apply 1-3 thin coats with a drying time of 12-24 hours between coats. Always do a test application. Approximately 20 minutes after applying each coat remove any excess unabsorbed Oil with a clean, lint-free rag to prevent unevenness in the gloss finish and wet spots on the surface. Sand between coats with a red pad. A glossy and layered coating is achieved when the third, very thin coat is not wiped away.

Renovation of Old Furniture

Pore-clogging old coatings (oil-based paint, lacquers, coating varnishes) as well as wax coatings must be removed by sanding or stripping until there is no old residue, and the surface must be solid, absorbent, clean and free of dust. Open-pored old coatings must be cleaned and if necessary, sanded, and must be tested for absorbency and ability to take a new coating. Apply subsequent treatments according to the type of surface.

Important Tips

Stir thoroughly before using. Ensure good ventilation during application and drying times. Products containing linseed oil tend to experience drying difficulties when used on cabinet interiors due to ventilation and light deficiencies, resulting in a persistent smell of linseed oil. Shellac coatings such a LANDIS No. 701, BELOS No.706, or GLEIVO Beeswax No. 315 is better suited for this application.

When wood is not completely saturated with Kunos Natural Oil Sealer No.244 water spots and discolouration are possible. On oak and other woods containing incompatibilities such as tannic acid or dyes, or have been sanded, stripped, pre-treated, or stained, discolouration is possible within a week. For glued crosscut wood or veneers, observe a treated test area for two days, as certain adhesives may dissolve after treatment.

What we do

Here at the Gallery we dilute the Kunos Natural Oil Sealer No. 244 with Svalos Thinner No. 222 at a ratio of equal parts. We find that this is easier to work with for furniture, bowls and other timber pieces. We use the same rag to apply, to remove excess and to polish the finish until there is NO stickiness remaining, so we do not need to sand between coats. You are able to purchase what the gallery uses in small jars.

These directions are the result of long years of research and practical testing. They are backed by our most current expert information. New findings may invalidate this information. This data sheet is meant to serve as information and instruction. No legal liability should be interpreted from it. In case of doubt, please contact the retailer, wholesaler, or manufacturer.



Ingredients: Lacquer Linseed oil, stand oil natural resin ester, highly transparent iron oxide, natural resin glycerin ester, orange peel oil, isoaliphate, silicic acid, microwax, pine oil, rosemary oil and lead-free drying agents.

Care of your Purchase

To care for your quality wood craft avoid direct sunlight and moisture. Oil sparingly with liquid paraffin (Mineral oil). With products previously finished with Kunos 244 surface dirt and oxidisation can be removed with grade 0000 steel wool and further coats of Kunos applied as per the above application instructions.

Friday 03 February 2012