Ian McKenzie

Past Exhibition

Ian (Bill) McKenzie has been plying his art for 30 years, and in 1988 he decided to turn pro.

Beginning his journey with Graphic and Fine Art TAFE courses he became enamoured with watercolours, questing to find ‘the’ way he considered would talk to his viewers about the value of preserving part of the social landscape.

Australia rode to economic independence on the sheep’s back and Bill reckoned that without the iconic woolshed, this part of Australian history might not have been realised.

Over 500 woolsheds later Bill is still at it, preserving the past, capturing ‘portraits’ of woolsheds with a passion for detail. Pitting the decaying elements of the sheds wrapped in mildly abstracted environments of sky and the earth that will ultimately reclaim them to become part of the socio-geological record.

It’s a task he does well, and probably no-one does it better, achieving his goals as people readily identify with the scenes and culture of the woolshed and the land of which they are an integral part.