An Evening with Richard Morecroft

Saturday 24th April from 4.30pm.

RICHARD MORECROFT has been one of Australia's most visible personalities appearing as the ABC Televisions News Presenter for 25 years. Since retiring from that role Richard has pursued other Media interests including Television Documentaries and Corporate media events. His main passion is Photography and he presents an amazing approach to the unique Australian Landscape. Richard will be presenting a talk on his life in the Media and in the Arts through his photography at Café Woodworks on Saturday 24th April.

These vertical portraits offer an alternative to the convention of landscape as a broad, horizontal view. The photographs explore the recurring patterns and formative influences of the natural world - a vision of the environment where every element, large and small, is recognised as significant. From details of texture, structure and pattern, through to the larger vistas beyond, the images celebrate the complex resonance of wild places.

Richard Morecroft is perhaps best known in Australia for his work in television over the last twenty-five years, particularly anchoring the ABC nightly news and presenting wildlife documentaries. At the same time though, Richard has been taking photographs which create a sense of immersion in the natural landscape.

“I’m fascinated by the processes which produce structure and pattern in geological and biological environments. As you examine the detail, you can see repeated motifs, like variations on a musical theme. Erosion, sedimentation, fractal patterns of vegetation growth or mineral formation – there’s a clear sense of common forces at work; universal rules of structure from micro to macro.”

Richard’s work is held in private collections in Australia, the US and Europe. His photographs from the South Coast region of NSW hang in the boardroom of the State Minister for Tourism and several of his images have been acquired for the Art Collection of Parliament House in Canberra.

Friday 09 April 2010