David Mac Laren – Master of Total Craziness

In March 2013, we launched our 30th year celebrations. At that event David Boucher presented to the Galleries owner, founder and artistic director David Mac Laren an honorary Master of Total Craziness from Life University.   

Life University

School of Design, Making, Marketing & Passion

David MacLaren

Was this day, 23rd of March 2013, received the honorary title of

Master of total Craziness

Conferred for meritorious recognition of making a living out of designing and making beautiful bespoke furniture from wood and other precious materials, and for encouraging others with a similar crazy bent to do the same, through this development of this fine world renowned artisans gallery. With all the honours and privileges accorded to said title, by ancient proclamation, and common law of the land.

Monday 05 August 2013