Craft Arts: 30 Years in the Making

We just completed a full page ad for the upcoming Craft Arts International. It was exciting to introduce the 2013 exhibition program celebrating our 30 year anniversary.

Come ride with us through 2013 as we present an exhibition program that delivers on our promise – to offer our space to encourage woodworkers and fine artists, past, present and future, to display their workmanship, skills and ideas, whether they work with wood or on canvas, paper or board.

Arriving in Bungendore from Manhattan, a journeyman in the making, with a desire to show wood works to everyone, I created a gallery in 1983 for woodworkers to display their works; where diversity is encouraged and fine craftsmanship essential.

I, we, you, us made good on the promise and a new purpose built gallery opened in 1994. In 2013 we will celebrate thirty years and embark on a new journey with the next generation of wood makers. Handcrafted living is where we are now – the mind leading design then the hands working wood, this is our proud craft. Physical effort and imagination are the only limitations to our ambitions.

We make for one – by one – and provide a connection with substance that endures our times.

Our raw materials are of sun, soil and water; wood is a gift and our warm heritage.

David Mac Laren, Artistic Director

Monday 27 August 2012