Canberra Times Restaurant Review: Lark Hill

An entertaining review of local Lark Hill Winery restaurant by Jenna Hand in the Canberra Times last weekend. The gallery even get's a nice mention book ending the review.

My husband is another story. He has recently developed something of an obsession with used furniture. And not the stately, expensive stuff either - perhaps something for which I should be grateful. For him, it's all about angular, wood-framed sofas, farmhouse chairs and coffee tables with skinny, tapered legs. Apparently it's ''Scandinavian style'' (though I don't see how putting a name to the ordinariness makes it any more attractive). The fixation has reached such a crescendo that I've recently been forced to admit defeat and become the reluctant co-owner of an assortment of other people's cast-offs. The stuff in the Bungendore Wood Works Gallery is another story. Those beautiful, useful pieces are a heck of a lot nicer... ....Ninety long minutes and four stores later, we get back into a mercifully empty car for the trip home. But we've got a new problem. He's discovered the Wood Works Gallery.

Read the review here: Restaurant review: Lark Hill

Thursday 19 May 2011