Bryce Courtney, Well Remembered.

On a late winter Saturday afternoon Bryce Courtney breezed into the gallery. There was urgency if not desperation to find a box to fit the stack of hand written manuscript for his first novel “the Power of One”. No box in the gallery was deep enough. How deep? About 200 mm. We can have it made to order. “In a week?” “For my wife’s birthday!” A week. Phone calls. And yes, says Garrick Blue, I have one length of timber that would suit. If I drop everything I can do it in a week.

Smiles and relief all around. And on leaving Bryce said, “Everyone in Bungendore is so friendly.”

We asked Bryce to write a few words about his experience with Bungendore Wood Works Gallery and he wrote back soon after expressing what we do and what we are about better then we could ever do. 

"What a joy it is to see wood works simply at the very top of the tree. I entered Bungendore Wood Works Gallery and fell instantly in love and returned a second time and fell further in love. Australian native wood in the hands of superb craftsmen/women is as beautiful and any to be found in the world. You will find it all represented here in this lovely gallery. Thank you Bungendore Wood Works Gallery for cherishing the craft of working wood. I urge you to make a special visit and see for yourself."
Bryce Courtney 

Tuesday 04 December 2012